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Satnam Religion

Satnam Religion

Satnam Dharma is the origin of all religions, and all religions have originated from Satnam religion. Gradually when the human development progressed, the ideas of the people came in abundance, the diversity came and their selfishness flourished, so that people wandered through the path of truth and people started becoming unrighteous. By the different scholars, through their own dominant qualities like religion was created,so in this way many religions were established in the whole world.

The Satnami Community and Satnam Religion followed only rules made by Guru Ghasi Das Baba, Guru Amar Das and Guru Balak Das.

Satnami Community is famous for his true behavior. The follower of Satnami Community and Satnam Religion is that conduct includes truth, nonviolence, benevolence, education, love, guidance, mercy and forgiveness, which holds the aforementioned feeling for the living beings of the whole universe. Basic Concept of the Society is "Mankhe - Mankhe ek Saman" and Guru Ghasi Das baba, 'Satpurush', 'Satnam' and "True" is a Supreme Power of the Satnami Community and Satnam Religion.

Writer : Huleshwar Joshi Satnami

मानव जीवन का वास्तविक सिद्धांत क्या है ?

मानव जीवन का वास्तविक सिद्धांत क्या है ? "मनखे-मनखे एक समान" से परिचित हुए बिना कोई भी मानव पूर्णतः मानव नही हो सकता।...